Philadelphia Councilman Kenyatta Johnson visits Brightside Academy

Brightside Academy’s 2501 McKean Street Philadelphia, PA location received a visit from Philadelphia Councilmen Kenyatta Johnson on April 14, 2015 during Week of the Young Child celebrations. Councilman Johnson read the 2015 PA One Book, Number One Sam by Greg Pizzoli to the children.

Councilman Johnson represents the 2nd District of Philadelphia, covering Center City, South, and Southwest Philadelphia. He has been an activist in the Philadelphia area since 1998, focusing on education and youth programs in the area.  He served as the Pennsylvania State Representative for the 186th Legislative District from 2009-2012, and then moved to City Council. 

Councilman Johnson is an advocate for education, park funding, and gun violence prevention. He supports the community through partnerships with various organizations, including the Goldenberg Group, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Habitat for Humanity. The Councilman also created the Friends of the Bartram Group, focused on combating school violence at Bartram High School.
Kenyatta Johnson is invested in the success of Philadelphia, and Brightside Academy plans to work with Councilman Johnson again on future projects.

“Councilman Johnson provides strong support for the education and youth programs in Philadelphia.  His leadership and community partnerships fund programs that benefit our families and the communities we serve. We look forward to working with the Councilman to promote education and growth throughout the area,” stated Stephanie Blake, Instructional Specialist at Brightside Academy. 

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The partnership between Brightside Academy and the Philadelphia City Council has a great impact on communities across Philadelphia. Families who are interested in enrolling their children to Brightside Academy can contact the company at 877-868-2273, visit Brightside, or stop by a location for more information.


Brightside Academy partners with Morning Circle Media to promote bilingual literacy

Brightside Academy’s 543 West Courtland Street, Philadelphia celebrated Week of the Young Child by teaching the children about gardening. Morning Circle Media, a Philadelphia bilingual publishing company, joined the academy for a reading of the book Haiqal’s Garden by Haiqal and Syarif Syaifulloh. The book focuses on healthy eating habits by the use of an urban garden maintained by a local Indonesian family.
The organization creates bilingual children’s books to promote family literacy and cultural competence. Children’s author Cynthia Kreilick founded the company in 2011, and has worked with various authors and illustrators to create eight bilingual children’s books representing different ethnicities. Each book is based on Philadelphia themes, and centers around family activities.

Morning Circle Media at Brightside Academy's Courtland location
“The children and staff enjoyed the book reading and gardening activity with Morning Circle Media. The event was very interactive, and the readers engaged the children by acting out the book as the story was read. The authors of the book also attended the event and translated parts of the story in Indonesian,” stated Joanne Greger, Instructional Specialist for Brightside Academy’s Philadelphia region. 

For additional information on Morning Circle Media, visit

Brightside Academy is proud to partner with Morning Circle Media to promote family literacy and cultural education for their families. For additional information on Brightside Academy’s curriculum and family events, visit or call 877-868-2273.