St. Christopher’s Hospital Hosts Car Safety Workshop at Philadelphia Academies

Brightside Academy takes pride in educating our families and the communities on driver safety and accident prevention. Recently on July 18th, our Front & Erie location hosted a car seat training workshop. Rochelle Thompson, an Injury Prevention Coordinator from St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, educated our parents on how to properly secure children into a car seat. The workshop which lasted for about an hour and a half also informed the parents on how to prevent accidents and allowed the parents to sign up to receive car seats donated by the hospital. In a week’s time a total of 27 car seats were donated to families of our Front and Erie location. These families were all smiles when they arrived at our location to pick up their car seats!

Brightside gives a huge thank you to Melinda T-Toe, the Family Service Coordinator of our Front and Erie location for helping to make this workshop possible. She reached out developed a relationship with the hospital and requested for the workshop to take place. Our Erie and Castor and 54th and Media locations have also hosted car safety prevention workshops and received donated car seats from St. Christoper’s Hospital for Children. For more information on St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children located in Philadelphia Pa right across from the Front and Erie location, and the programs and services they offer visit their website. Be sure to like Brightside Academy’s Facebook page to find a free and educational workshop at a location near you!