Brightside Academy in the community, assisting victims of the Fairmount Fire

Brightside Academy Fairmount Fire Assistance

Thursday, January 20, 2022, Brightside Academy had the distinct honor to be a part of a very special presentation in our community!

BSA along with other organizations in the Philadelphia Area was able to come together and recreate Christmas for the Woods and Macdonald families who survived the tragic Fairmount Fire that occurred on January 5, 2022. Together, daily necessities, clothing, and other items were donated to the families. In addition to these items, Santa Claus himself made some very special deliveries for the children who lost all of their holiday gifts in the fire.

Brightside Academy is not only committed to providing high-quality early education and child care, we strive to be a resource and beacon of hope for our communities, staff, and children.

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