The Brightside Academy Experience is an integrated child care and early child education program model that prepares children to be life-long learners.

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Our Academy

Our Mission is to provide school-age families from all backgrounds, access to a high-quality out-of-school experience that heightens their ability to compete as life-long learners in an ever changing world. What does excellent out-of-school education look like? We’re glad you asked.
  • A Hands-On, Project-Based Curriculum
  • A Clean, Safe, and Engaging Environment
  • A Culture of Collaboration & Kindness
  • Instilling and Reinforcing Respect, Fun, and Leadership
  • Operating Hours That Make Sense
  • Locations Close To Your Home, Work, & School
  • Individual Attention Through An Average Student to Teacher Ratio of 10:1
  • Snacks and hot meals are provided for free to those who qualify
Children are born with an eagerness to learn. They are curious by nature, all they need is the right environment to achieve their full potential. Brightside Academy strives to provide an out-of-school experience that stretches a student’s exploratory thinking while building confidence, peer to peer unity, and respect. Virtual Learning In the wake of COVID-19 Brightside is offering a virtual preschool option. Your child will have access to virtual instruction from our credentialed instructors. We are also offering “Grab & Go” meals everyday which can be picked up at the regional kitchen.

Facilities & Amenities

Brightside Academy is proud to offer cutting-edge, modern-day facilities that grant your school-aged child unique opportunities to investigate and explore real-time adventures that stimulate their development.
  • Indoor gyms that promote purposeful play and peer to peer engagement!
  • Creative environments that stimulate knowledge in art, science, and the world.
  • Safety-first thought process that includes secure entrances/exits with sign-in journals.
  • Janitorial and maintenance techs that keep everything spotless and in working order.
  • Education suites that are equipped with everything needed from books, technology, learning materials and supplies.
Nutritious Menu By participating in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), we ensure that our menus meet the nutrition standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In addition to serving your school-aged child great food, we teach them to develop healthy eating habits through designed activities. School aged children receive:
  • A healthy morning snack
  • A nourishing lunch and/or dinner

Staff & Certifications

Brightside Academy has been providing high level child-care and early education for over 25 years.  We employ over 450 people and serve over 3,000 children per day, with 33 locations in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Regions.  We are recognized by the NECPA (National Early Childhood Program Accreditation) as we take great care in deciding who we hire to protect and teach your children. We strive to always earn the kind of high ratings that state initiatives look for. Adhering to, then attempting to surpass the standards of Pennsylvania’s Keystone STARS programs are part of the DNA of our management’s strategies. In addition to always meeting state requirements and qualifications, we look to specifically recruit management and teaching professionals. Many have degrees in early childhood education, but employing professional, high-quality teachers is only the beginning. Studies show that teachers are a key determinant of positive outcomes in early education.  High quality teacher-child interaction is very important to promote not only academic skills but social and emotional competence.  Our entire staff receives additional training throughout the year in diverse and important topics that include, but aren’t limited to:
    • Appropriate practices that encourage proper child development.
    • Health, safety, and nutrition.
    • Deep-dive specifics about the curriculum.
    • Lesson planning and individualized instruction.
    • Screening and assessment strategies.
    • Diversity and inclusion.
    • Teacher-child interactions.
    • Quality early learning environments.

Curriculum and Activities

Philosophy of Education At Brightside Academy, we believe that children learn through project-based activities that are an extension to their in-school learning. This helps them continue to explore and discover their world, become more self-aware and confident, and reach developmental milestones. We ensure a safe, warm, and responsive environment and access to appropriate learning materials, technology, and books. We provide an array of experiences to meet each individual child’s learning style. We provide a supportive, inclusive, and multi-sensory enlightening setting in which your child’s needs can be met. General Curriculum and Activities  Brightside Academy follows the Creative Curriculum framework. In preschool, the focus is on developmentally appropriate learning and Kindergarten readiness. Your child’s day is filled with fun hands-on learning experiences, circle time (or whole group time), indoor and outdoor playtime, group meals, quiet activities, and rest time. Through individual projects or in small groups, children are guided to areas of interest. Many of their explorations will include reading, music and movement, writing, math, and science with their teacher, though activities are not limited to these areas.  Preschool Activities
  • Clothing Study: The children will learn about different types of clothes, including features, how to take proper care of them, and how cloth is made.Some activities include:
    1. Exploring how fabrics are dyed by making tie-dyed shirts.
    2. Learning to sew using paper and toothpicks.
    3. Making and using a cardboard loom.
    4. Designing and creating their own clothing.
  • Trees Study: The children will learn about the characteristics of trees; who lives in trees, who cares for them, what foods come from them, what items are made using trees, and how trees change. Some activities include:
    1. Using paper to make leaf rubbings. 
    2. Exploring trees while on a nature walk.
    3. Making applesauce.
    4.  Fun with woodworking.
    5. Building houses with sticks. 
  • Buildings Study: The children will learn about the types of buildings in their neighborhood; who builds them and what tools they use, what buildings are made of, and what  happens inside of buildings.  Some activities include:
    1. Tracing the shadows of buildings on the sidewalk.
    2. Making cardboard buildings. 
    3. Exploring the tools used to make buildings. 
    4. Transforming the dramatic play area into a shop or other type of building.
  • Music Making: The children will learn about different types of instruments and how to use them, how music can be made with our voices, different styles of music, and people who work with music for their job. Some activities include:
    1. Making their own instruments. 
    2. Exploring and using real musical instruments.
    3. Exploring patterns and rhythm through clapping.
    4. Moving their bodies to the beat of music.

Please note: Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, parts and aspects of this curriculum may be altered to accommodate a shortened schedule for 2020-2021.

Curriculum Study Time Frame
Beginning the Year August 31- October 16
Bread October 19-December 4
Pets December 7-December 18
Winter Activities December 21-January 4
Pets Continued January 11-February 12
Clothing  Read Across America Week February 15- April 23
Gardening Week of the Young Child April 26- June 4
Saying Goodbye to Friends/ Kindergarten Transition June 7-June 11

Summer Camp Theme: On the Road to Summer Fun

Roads June 14- July 30
Buildings August 2-August 27

COVID-19 Measures

The current Covid-19 pandemic may have you wondering if it is safe to send your child to our facility for care. Here are some of the methods we use to enhance our health and safety protocols during this time. The following items are an abbreviated list of our new procedures. Please remember these guidelines are to protect your children, our staff, and the community and may change at our discretion.
    • Face Masks & Hand Sanitizer: All persons entering the academy must wear a face mask and must use hand sanitizer upon entering.
    • Health Screening: All children and staff will have a health screening prior to entering the building and their temperature will be taken throughout the day.
    • Social Distancing: Only one family will be permitted in the lobby at a time. Please wait in the designated spot and maintain 6-feet of social distancing.
    • Symptomatic Exclusion: Anyone with a fever, cough, sore throat or flu-like symptoms will not be permitted to enter the academy.
    • Drop Off Hours: Will now be from 6:00- 9:30 am. After the daily health screening, the intake attendant will safely escort your child(ren) to their classroom.
    • Pick Up Hours: will now be from 3:30-6:00 pm. Upon arrival at the academy, a staff member will bring your child(ren) to you.
    • Classroom Stability: Your child’s classroom will be stable in that the same group of children and teachers will be together each day.
    • Fun Facemasks: We have purchased face masks that have fun animal faces to reduce the fear for your child(ren). Each teacher will be required to wear them all day and will be permitted to wear a face shield.
    • Staff Preparedness: Staff have been educated on the Covid-19 symptoms as well as preventive measures to ward off the spread of the virus.