BSA is hiring for management and teaching positions. Have a potential job waiting for you when we reopen. Get the paperwork started now!

Brightside Academy is now hiring hiring across its 30+ locations in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. We encourage early educators to apply and get their paperwork started now so their potential job is awaiting them when we reopen after the COVID-19 closures.

Both management and teaching positions are available. Share this exciting news within your network and community so we can employ as many educators as possible given the current unprecedented events.

View Positions and Apply Today at

Click on the above link to find available roles and apply.

Our benefits include:

  • Group Health Coverage – Medical, Prescription, Dental, Vision
  • Generous paid time off with paid holidays
  • Company Sponsored Life Insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plan with company match
  • Career growth
  • Bonuses
  • Discounted Child Care
  • Voluntary Short Term Disability
  • Free Hugs!

Contact us at with any questions.

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During these trying times Brightside Academy wants to stay engaged with our families, children, and staff.

With that in mind, starting on March 23 we will be holding a virtual Spirit Week to encourage families to have fun at home while remembering the brave people making a difference in our communities during the Coronavirus emergency.

Our Virtual Spirit Week includes Superhero, School Colors, Wear a Hat, Sports, and Pajama Days.

We are asking staff and families to share pictures with us to showcase every day on our social media accounts. Images can be sent to

We hope everyone is well and safe.

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Dear Brightside Family, 

We wanted to share some helpful content for parents, children, and families during this closure period.  

The best thing we can do for our children right now is to have a routine, offer educational materials, introduce virtual field trips, plan art activities and have story time. By doing so we can keep boredom and anxiety to a minimum while continuing to educate and work towards a brighter tomorrow.   

We hope our Brightside Academy’s Resource Center can help make this time at home fun and safe. We have included links for multiple educational resources, tips for personal hygiene, fun activities, information on Covid-19 and community specific resources for meals, free internet and more. 

Take a look around and share these wonderful resources with others in your community so that the learning can continue as much as possible during this unprecedented time.  If you are having difficulty accessing the content please let us know and we will accommodate as best as possible.

As always please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or are in need of additional information. We can be reached at or 412-201-5501. If you feel that there is additional information you would like to see in our resource center, please feel free to contact us as well, and we will be sure to share it. 

Please stay safe and healthy!

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Did you know your family may qualify for FREE child care, before and after school care, and summer camp?

The cost of child care continues to increase throughout the nation. This is especially hard for working families where the household income may not be enough to even consider outside care. In families with two spouses, one may end up quitting their job in order to raise the children. But that may not be an option for all families such as single or low income parents who often juggle various jobs, school, and raising kids with little or no support. 

Pennsylvania’s Child Care Works Subsidized Child Care (CCIS) and
Early Learning Resource Centers (ELRCs) programs were created with this in mind. These programs help low-income families pay their child care fees, according to PAs Department of Human Services website.

To qualify for CCIS/ELRC certain guidelines must be met including income, work status, and citizenship, to name a few. Prospective families must also complete an application and submit it to the department for approval. Once processed and approved, typically within a few weeks, children can begin attending one of the approved child care providers. 

Brightside Academy is proud to support families with participating
CCIS/ELRC programs at 24 Philadelphia and 9 Pittsburgh, PA locations. Our quality early childhood learning programs are available for children ages 6-weeks to 12 years old. 

The subsidy programs are great news for families, but we have realized that many parents feel overwhelmed with the application process and requirements. At BSA we pride ourselves in being partners to the families and communities we serve. As such, we help parents every step of the way before, during, and after they apply for CCIS/ELRC benefits for their children’s care. Our dedicated specialist guides them through the child care subsidy application process, in completing the gathering of requirements, and turning them in to DHS on time. 

Are you considering applying for CCIS/ELRC child care benefits? Ask us how we can help! To learn more and get started call the numbers below:

  • Philadelphia Locations: 215-873-6745
  • Pittsburgh Locations: 412-282-3515
BSA summer camp children visiting the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion.

Parents often debate on what the focus should be for school age children during the summer. Some think of more relaxing and fun activities while others want to see learning continue, so there is no gap when the new school year begins. 

Although convenient in some ways, keeping children at home or with relatives in the summer may not always work out. Kids get bored easily and many are turning to electronics for stimulation and fun. Caregivers at homes may also tend to allow more electronics because it keeps kids occupied and out of trouble. However, many studies have shown that non-stop hours of daily electronics use can cause strain in young eyes, bad posture, agitation, and even anxiety in some children. 

Well, what if your child was entertained while learning throughout the summer without relying on electronics?! Great summer programs successfully combine learning activities taught in enjoyable and interesting ways to keep children excited during the program. 

Summer camp children making condominiums at 56th & Woodland.

Take for example, a recent activity at our 56th & Woodland academy in Philadelphia where school age children worked on recreating their community through the use of recyclable materials. The kids used cardboard boxes, juice and egg cartons to create condominium buildings, parks, and streets representing their community. “The children were so excited to work on this every day. You didn’t have to ask them, they just wanted to continue right where they left off the previous day. That’s the kind of experience we aim for with our summer campers!” said Academy Director Veronica Godbolt.

It is learning experiences like this one which can make a world of difference for children in summer camps. But, it’s not just about the learning. There are more benefits to structured summer programs. Things like:

  • Establishing long lasting friendships
  • Developing a sense of trust through a daily routine
  • Becoming a life-long learner
  • Participating in field trips to exciting venues
  • Allowing for new experiences
  • Receiving nutritious meals
  • Staying cool on hot summer days (air conditioned facilities)

We are in the middle of summer and there are more weeks left of fun, learning activities for school age kids at Brightside Academy. Call us today at 877-868-2273 for engaging experiences at one of our 24 Philadelphia or 9 Pittsburgh locations! We’ll also gladly help your family in the process of applying for subsidized rates through CCIS if you qualify. 

Your child is waiting for a great summer, get started now!