Brightside Academy Joins Philadelphia Fire Department TV Show

Brightside Academy Joins Philadelphia Fire Department on Freedom from Fire

(Philadelphia, PA, March 31, 2015) – Brightside Academy’s Philadelphia Area Business Director, Ed Koch, joined Commissioner Derrick Sawyer of the Philadelphia Fire Department to discuss fire safety on the Philadelphia local news show, Freedom from Fire. The segment was taped March 25 at the La Salle Communications Center.

The staff at each Brightside Academy location receives annual fire safety training from the local fire department. Each academy has emergency evacuation plans, and the staff is trained on the process. The children are made aware of the evacuation process and external safety locations through regular fire drills.

Ed Koch has worked in the education industry for over 39 years, spending the majority of his career with the School District of Philadelphia. During this time, Ed expanded the Junior Fire Patrol program, which educated students and families on fire safety and prevention through monthly meetings with the Philadelphia Fire Department. The children in the program were given roles comparable to the roles of the Philadelphia Fire Department such as Fire Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, and Division Chiefs. The children educated their families and peers on fire safety lessons learned through the program.

Ed currently manages two Philadelphia locations for Brightside Academy, each with about 120 children enrolled. He plans to bring the Junior Fire Patrol program to Brightside Academy in the summer of 2015.

“I was fortunate to lead the Junior Fire Patrol program with the School District of Philadelphia, and I am looking forward to expanding the program to Brightside Academy. In collaboration with the Philadelphia Fire Department, we will be able to educate our school age children about fire safety and prevention during our summer camp program,” stated Ed Koch.

The partnership between Brightside Academy and the Philadelphia Fire Department has a great impact on the community by educating families regarding fire safety. To see the Ed Koch’s interview with Commissioner Sawyer, visit Brightside Academy’s Facebook page at

Families who are interested in enrolling their children to Brightside Academy can contact the company at 877-868-2273, visit, or stop by a local academy for more information.


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