Brightside Academy Teaches Children About Community Awareness

Teaching Children About Community(Philadelphia, PA, October 3, 2014) – Brightside Academy’s 1500 East Erie Avenue location in Philadelphia takes learning a step further by teaching children about keeping their community safe and clean. Near the end of the summer camp program the children from the 1500 East Erie Avenue academy worked on a week-long project. Titled “Making A Difference,” the children planned a march and marketed it with conversations and posters – which they created. On the day of the march, the children walked the block from their academy to the L stop while promoting the importance of keeping their community clean and safe.

“The children also learned the concept of influencing a few to influence many,” stated Thelma Davis, Area Business Director. “As the children were marching, people they walked by commented on the children’s ‘boldness’ and showed their support by praising both the children and the Brightside Academy staff.”

Brightside Academy believes a supportive environment promotes discovery and growth for children. Part of that environment includes having our children’s fathers more involved with their education and care. In many families, mothers are the ones we see dropping off and picking up their children, volunteering their time at school and helping with their learning and development.

Brightside Academy wants a child’s first experience outside the home to be a great one. Therefore Brightside Academy looks to help its parents understand the difference between babysitting and a high-quality early education program.

There are three reasons families choose Brightside Academy: affordable, quality care, and its nurturing home-like environment. Brightside Academy fosters growth and development through stimulating curriculum, age appropriate activities and trained teachers.

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