Careers in Early Education and Childcare

The experiences children have during pre-school and early childhood education can have a constructive and lasting impression on their educational development. If you’re passionate about teaching children and passionate about helping ensure they are equipped with the intellectual building blocks necessary for future success, a career in early childhood might be for you.

At Brightside, our curriculum is designed to promote kindergarten readiness in infants, toddlers and preschoolers. It nurtures curiosity and promotes learning at an early age, while many other childcare facilities operate more as a babysitting service, Brightside has an educational component.

Brightside offers competitive wages,  paid time off and holidays, health insurance for full-time employees,  and yearly training!

Brightside often hosts regional career days where interested candidates can engage in on-the-spot interviews. This is a great opportunity to meet current team members and talk about a career in early childcare and education. For additional information about available positions in our academies visit or email: