Corporate Employees Celebrate 176 Combined Years of Service

What does 176 years look like?

In terms of just years 176 years ago…the year was 1843.

What happened in 1843? The Oregon Trail, The first ‘wagon train’ was the wave of migration that started in1843. William McKinley, 25th President of the United States was born, Francis Scott Key, author of The Star Spangled Banner died, and the Rotary Printing Press was invented by Richard March Hoe.

What does 176 year look like at Brightside Academy?

176 years at Brightside looks like a TEAM. A team of DEDICATED, MOTIVATED, LOYAL, and TALENTED, individuals whose individual strengths and capabilities comprise a TEAM. 176 years of combined commitment of 11 of our most tenured staff at the corporate office in Pittsburgh supporting both the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia regions of Brightside Academy. 176 years of greatness…176 years of Service, Dedication and Commitment to the staff, children, families and communities we serve every single day!

  • Chauncey Stephens, Facilities Manager – 25 years
  • Dawn Jenkins, Asst AR Supervisor – 20 years
  • Janine Brickner, Project Manager – 18 years
  • Jan Lanahan, Cash Application Coordinator – 18 years
  • Jackie Williams, Collections Supervisor – 18 years
  • Tiffany Wilson, Corporate Compliance Manager – 18 years
  • Amy Labosco, Vice President of Human Resources – 15 years
  • Ray Wojtowicz, Chief Financial Officer – 12 years
  • Alicia Phipps, AR Coordinator – 12 years
  • Leslie Graham, Receptionist – 10 years
  • Anthony Martrano, Controller – 10 years

Thank you for all you do to inspire us all to greatness!