February Activities

February at our academies is chalk full of exciting events that are charitable, informative, and celebratory.

The first week of the month we will be wearing red in support of The American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women initiative. The foundation inspires women to make changes and work together with their communities to improve the health of all women. Children, parents, and staff are encouraged to wear red in support of this cause.

Moving into the second week of the month, we will be informing on the topic of dental care. It’s never too early to teach about the importance of good oral health. Teachers will lead discussions and conduct projects that promote good dental hygiene.

The following week, we will have a reason to smile big and show off those beautiful pearly whites. We will be celebrating friendship and caring day. The children will share stories about loved ones and partake in crafts, games, and dialogues that celebrate the people we care about most. This February we celebrate the triumphs of the African Americans that have paved the way for our children, setting a standard that is nothing short of astronomical and inspiring everyone to reach for the stars despite any boundary or division created by society. To end the month, the children will take part in discussions, create artwork, and play music among other activities honoring the important achievements of African Americans throughout history. We are excited to enliven communications about these important topics and learn and grow together.

The children love these events and we are so excited for parents to be joining us as well.