First Edition of Brightside Insights Published

(Pittsburgh, PA, April 14, 2016) – Brightside Academy published the first edition of Brightside Insights, a publication sharing thoughts on early education and child care, on April 14. Brightside Insights discusses pressing early education issues and concerns affecting inner city children and families.

The first edition of Brightside Insights includes articles on the Importance of After-school Programs, Bullying in Schools, and Social & Emotional Development, the data behind research studies and surveys and recommendations for things that can improve these areas in affected communities.

President and Chief Operating Officer, Letta Simon, declares “Throughout 20 years providing early education and child care to over 7,000 children, Brightside Academy has gained vast knowledge about the industry and the issues our families and children face. We are proud to share these observations with our partners and the public today through Brightside Insights. Together we can bring change to the children that need it most.”

Brightside Insights will be published quarterly with the next edition scheduled for release in June of this year. To obtain a copy or to request additional information send an email to

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