Frederick Location Selected for Early Childhood Behavior Success Program

Brightside Academy’s location at 1858 Frederick Boulevard in Akron, Ohio has been selected to provide the Toddlers and Preschool Succeeding (TAPS) in partnership with the Child Guidance & Family Solutions organization. The TAPS program is funded by community and education grants to provide classroom support for families and teachers.

TAPS addresses behavior concerns in the classroom through on-site modeling, professional development and parent interactions. The goal is to strengthen the social skills of young children to better prepare them for kindergarten success. Over 120 children attending the Brightside Academy Frederick location will benefit from this program.

Child Guidance & Family Solutions has implemented the TAPS program at more than 40 centers during the past 7 years. The organization continues to expand in Ohio to provide mental, emotional and behavioral healthcare for families and communities. Brightside Academy is proud to offer Child Guidance & Family Solutions TAPS to its Akron area families.


Download PDF – Brightside Academy Frederick Selected for Early Childhood Behavior Success Program