Free Parenting Program

Brightside Academy in Philadelphia is excited to host a free 12-week parenting certificate program in partnership with Southwest Nu-stop Inc. The program begins on Sept. 12 and will be held at the Brightside Academy regional office at 3230 N. 3rd St. 19140 from 6:00-8: 00 pm.

Parenting workshops aren’t just for young or inexperienced parents; they’re for everyone who wants to be an empowered parent. Programs, like this one, can give you access to a wealth of knowledge that you may not be able to get otherwise. Through the workshop, parents will gain valuable parenting tips and knowledge on topics including:

• Positive parenting

• Protecting your children against abuse, neglect, and abduction

• Communicating with respect

• Managing stress

• Self –esteem

• Positive discipline

• Educational needs and development

• Confrontation and problem solving


There will also be plenty of giveaways, for those who attend including:

• Light dinner

• Workshop materials

• Occasional door prizes

• Cash stipend of $100 (upon completion of the program)

Space for this event is limited! Call 412201-5501 Ext. 221 to register today!