How to Make Baby’s Teething Easier

Brightside Academy parents often approach our infant teachers about suggestions to keep baby more comfortable when teeth start coming through. Understandable, teething can prove to be one of the most trying times for both babies and parents! From sleepless nights to low grade fevers, parents often struggle to soothe their babies during this stage. Though difficult, we assure you this stage will be over soon. In the mean time, we have searched the internet for recommendations on what to do to help your little one. Below are a few of the suggestions we found that can help make teething easier for baby:

Here’s what the website had to say about making teething easier for babies –

  1. Keep baby’s face clean and as dry as possible to prevent rashes
  2. Rubber teething rings with no liquid inside
  3. Teething biscuits and frozen or cold food (only for kids who are already on solid foods)
  4. For irritable babies sometimes acetaminophen and ibuprofen (for babies 6 months and older) can be helpful also had some advise on what can be done to help your little one –

  1. Using cold: Refrigerated (not frozen) washcloths, pacifiers, or teethers can help soothe the gums
  2. Pressure: Teethers at room temperature, unsweetened teething crackers (for those on solid foods), even your pinky finger can help in this situation

For those who prefer natural remedies, here are recommendations we found at

  1. Lower the inflammation: watch baby’s diet and stress levels; make sure he/she gets enough rest
  2. Use cold and pressure: things like frozen washcloths, fruits and veggies or a cold spoon
  3. Silicone teething rings


Parents with older children in addition to the teething infant, should be sure to check if the remedies used for the older child are still ok to use. According to Mayo Clinic, teething gels/medications containing Benzocaine are no longer recommended for children, as are not any homeopathic teething tablets per advise from The Food and Drug Administration. Remember to always consult your pediatrician. He knows your baby best and can offer the most appropriate recommendations for him/her.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about ways to soothe your teething baby. Be patient, you will not believe how fast your inconsolable infant becomes a preschooler running happily with friends in the playground!


The recommendations listed on this article are for information purposes only. Your child’s doctor knows best. Talk to your pediatrician for the most appropriate advise for your teething baby.