Keeping your Kids Warm and Healthy this Winter Season.

Because we are in the middle of the coldest part of the year, it’s very important to keep your kids bundled up to shield against viruses and the flu. Colder temperatures can weaken an immune system.  We all know how important it is to keep our heads warm, but children actually lose more heat from their head than adults, so if your ears are chilly, it’s likely that your child could be twice as cold.

Other important parts of the body to keep bundled up and dry are the small extremities like the fingers, toes, and nose. These are the most likely to be affected by hypothermia so make sure that your kids’ fingers and toes are nice and toasty. On those particularly frigid days, throw a hand warmer in each glove or shoe. It’s an inexpensive extra measure to ensure your child’s safety, and the warmers usually last around 8 hours.

A scarf is a great way to keep the neck and face warm, but it can actually be a hazard for very young children if tied too tight. A good alternative is to incorporate a turtleneck into their winter wardrobe. It’s an extra precaution, but it’s just as effective.

Those consecutive frigid dry days can really take its toll on our sinuses as well. If you notice that your children are having nose bleeds more often in the winter time, it’s a good idea to invest in a humidifier. Not only is this easier on their noses and avoids a bloody (sometimes scary for your child) mess, but it also helps to protect against complications from a cold like sinus infections.

If you follow these few steps, it will help get you and your child through the winter with ease, and then before you know it, it’ll be spring, and you’ll be looking for tips on how to deal with seasonal allergies. Until then, stay warm!