NY Academies Attend South Bronx Asthma Partnership Meeting

Brightside Academy in New York attended the Managing Asthma in Day Care quarterly meeting hosted by SOBRAP – South Bronx Asthma Partnership – on October 23. SOBRAP facilitates the implementation of evidence-based, patient-centered interventions that can improve care for all patients with asthma.

During the meeting child care providers and medical professionals shared information on the Adverse Childhood Experience study, communicable diseases, challenges of controlling asthma in child care settings, and how factors such as partner violence may exacerbate asthma symptoms.

The Bronx has one of the highest cases out of the five area boroughs and we are proud to have taken part in this meeting. Our family advocates, Sandy Norwood (Webster) and D’juna Massey (E. 150th), obtained helpful asthma information and resources to benefit the families we serve at their locations.

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