Obtaining FREE Child Care in Pennsylvania

Did you know your family may qualify for FREE child care, before and after school care, and summer camp?

The cost of child care continues to increase throughout the nation. This is especially hard for working families where the household income may not be enough to even consider outside care. In families with two spouses, one may end up quitting their job in order to raise the children. But that may not be an option for all families such as single or low income parents who often juggle various jobs, school, and raising kids with little or no support. 

Pennsylvania’s Child Care Works Subsidized Child Care (CCIS) and
Early Learning Resource Centers (ELRCs) programs were created with this in mind. These programs help low-income families pay their child care fees, according to PAs Department of Human Services website.

To qualify for CCIS/ELRC certain guidelines must be met including income, work status, and citizenship, to name a few. Prospective families must also complete an application and submit it to the department for approval. Once processed and approved, typically within a few weeks, children can begin attending one of the approved child care providers. 

Brightside Academy is proud to support families with participating
CCIS/ELRC programs at 24 Philadelphia and 9 Pittsburgh, PA locations. Our quality early childhood learning programs are available for children ages 6-weeks to 12 years old. 

The subsidy programs are great news for families, but we have realized that many parents feel overwhelmed with the application process and requirements. At BSA we pride ourselves in being partners to the families and communities we serve. As such, we help parents every step of the way before, during, and after they apply for CCIS/ELRC benefits for their children’s care. Our dedicated specialist guides them through the child care subsidy application process, in completing the gathering of requirements, and turning them in to DHS on time. 

Are you considering applying for CCIS/ELRC child care benefits? Ask us how we can help! To learn more and get started call the numbers below:

  • Philadelphia Locations: 215-873-6745
  • Pittsburgh Locations: 412-282-3515