Congratulations on your new baby!

Find a Brightside Academy Child Care Location

Enjoy getting to know your child and follow your pediatrician’s guidance on how to best nurture and care for your baby during this stage.

It’s hard to believe that soon your little one will be enjoying table foods, babbling, crawling and even walking. Babies’ brains develop rapidly during the first five years of life. What they experience throughout these years will build the foundation for their later success in school and beyond.

Enroll your infant today to receive your baby bag with: FREE wipes, bottle and child safety items!*

Brightside Academy provides early education and child care that prepares children to be life-long learners. Our program combines state-of-the-art facilities, a nationally recognized curriculum and learning quality credentials that work together to help each child achieve school readiness. Learn more about the benefits of our infant program and how our classrooms prepare your child for future success.


Ohio Locations:

  • AKRON: 1100 South Arlington St. | 1585 Frederick Blvd.
  • CLEVELAND: 10548 St. Clair Ave. | 3545 Ridge Rd. | 14001 Kinsman Ave. | 7710 Broadway Ave.
  • COLUMBUS: 3525 Cleveland Ave. | 660 Harrisburg Pk. | 1977 Cleveland Ave. | 3611 Livingston Ave.
*Family receives free baby bag after completing 30 days of enrollment.

From Brightside Academy Families …

“My children’s experience at Brightside Academy has been great so far. I would recommend it to anyone.They are kind and loving … I give them 5 stars.” Santerica J.
“My son is learning a lot at Brightside Academy. He loves to go every day.I think the teachers are great! They really care about the children!”Taimy B.
“My daughter attends Brightside Academy and her experience there has been wonderful.The staff is great … she feels safe and at home with them. The infant room teachers give each childthe attention and care they deserve.”Shonte M.