Ohio Payroll Change




Exciting news! BSA payroll processing is transitioning to a new service – ADP Workforce Now.  The transition is already in progress and should be completed by October 31, 2018. ADP offers access to enhanced features and services that will highly benefit both employees and managers. Our teams are installing new time clocks at your location that we will begin testing and using very soon!

This page will be used as our communication. As questions come in or more information is available, this page will be updated; check back often to see what’s new!

* How do we do this and what is the IMPACT –

Ohio Employees:

  • 11/2 – 2-week pay / last check on the current system
  • 11/16 – 2-week pay / first check on ADP, live clocking on ADP clocks starts 10/29
  • 11/30 – 2-week pay / second check on ADP

* Introducing ADP Mobile App –

  • Pull up pay statements, print and share information regarding your paycheck for income verification from your phone
  • Review time and attendance information to confirm the # of hours worked
  • Be part of the communications!  See company news and be in the “know” of what’s happening at Brightside
  • Benefits? See your available and used benefit time (soon you will be able to request benefit time from your phone!) 
  • HR updates – communicate updates to the HR and Payroll directly

* Introducing Pay Card –

BSA will be going Paperless! You will have online access to your pay statement any time. For those who did prefer to receive an actual paper paycheck, we are excited to offer a new option – Pay Cards.  With a Pay Card, you will not be burdened with weather delays and/or carrier delays in getting your paper check to you!

The Pay Card is a pre-loaded Visa payment card.  It is not a credit card, your paycheck will be loaded to the card each pay cycle. The card may be used as follows:

  • Quick cash access with fee-free withdrawals from thousands of ATMs and banks nationwide plus cash-back from retailers.
  • Spending power to shop, pay bills, transfer funds to bank accounts, make peer-to-peer transactions and mobile purchases through digital wallet functionality (Google Pay® and Apple Pay®)
  • Single location for all funds, including additional income, tax refunds, child support payments and more
  • Financial management including online and mobile account access (checkbooks available)
  • Family-member cards may also be ordered, for those who wish to share access to their biweekly pay 


  1. Will this impact Direct Deposit? No.
  2. Will there be training on the time clocks? Yes.
  3. Are the time clocks biometric/finger scanning? Yes.
  4. I have more questions, who can I contact? After reading these questions, if you have any additional concerns contact Kelly Bandfield at HR@brightsideohio.com.

Check this page often for updates.