Philly Team Tries Yondr and Wins Prizes During Training

Brightside Academy recently partnered with #Yondr to help our Philly team get the most from our training. 

Yondr creates phone-free spaces for artists, educators, organizations and individuals. Their phone cases provide a haven to engage with what people do and who they’re doing it with in our hyperconnected world.

Those who used a Yondr case during the training were entered to win gift cards. We’re excited our team had a chance to experience this. Our Philly staff reported feeling more energized and getting a higher benefit from our training.

Congratulations to our lucky winners! 

  • Sherrie Difederico – 54th & Media – $50 – EHS teacher
  • Latasha Day – Front & Erie – $25 – Lead Teacher Pre-K 
  • Leontyne Wiggins – 48th & Lancaster – $50 – Academy Director
  • Simone Griffin – 54th & Media – $25 – Toddler Teacher
  • Adam Moscowicz – Mellon – $50 – Assistant Director

For more information on Yondr visit