We Stand with You – Pittsburgh Strong!

Dear Brightside Academy Community:
Today, we were struck with a senseless tragedy within the close-knit neighborhood of Squirrel Hill, which is also home to our Hazelwood center. This heartless incident, which targeted local families peacefully gathered in prayer and first responders who so daringly and selflessly intervened, leaves us speechless. Our heart goes out to our beloved community of Squirrel Hill, the City of Pittsburgh, and to all those across the nation who are affected by this act of terror. Brightside Academy stands with you, united!
In times like these, we are fortunate to witness the overwhelming support and unity amongst fellow neighbors, groups, and people of all backgrounds. As an integral part of the Squirrel Hill community for Over 20 years, Brightside Academy offers its unconditional support to those in need.
Children can be especially impacted by the images seen and emotions we experience during these circumstances. We will place special attention on providing a safe space for BSA children and families to come together for dialogue and in support of their community.
BSA stands with you – Pittsburgh Strong!
Jack Safer