The Value of High-Quality Community Early Care and Education Programs

Did you know that Brightside Academy offers high-quality early education programs in 43 of our locations? We partner with organizations such as Early Head Start, Head Start, state pre-kindergarten and universal pre-kindergarten to support families and communities who rely on full-time child. These programs prepare children for school readiness, setting the foundation to become life-long learners. 

According to Harvard University’s Center for the Developing Child, “90% of brain development rapidly occurs between birth and age five.” Our programs develop cognitive, social-emotional, and physical growth through age appropriate curriculum and research based assessments. The results of Brightside Academy’s programs and curriculum are measured through Quality Stars ratings as well as education assessment tools, such as the Early Childhood Environmental Ratings Scale and the Classroom Assessment Scoring System. 

Brightside Academy’s high-quality programs not only prepare children for school readiness, but also focus on the families we serve. Each high-quality program provides community resources for families, and encourages education to continue at home. Our staff members coordinate family involvement activities and assist parents with social service, health and nutrition support, and educational opportunities. The teachers also create individualized lesson plans and discuss the children’s progress during parent-teacher conferences, which take place twice a year. 

Brightside Academy High-Quality Early Care and Education Programs
Pittsburgh: Head Start and Pre-K Counts
Philadelphia: Head Start and Pre-K Counts
Ohio: Early Head Start, Head Start, and Ohio Early Learn
New York: Universal Pre-K, EarlyLearn, Early Head Start

For more information on the importance of high-quality early education programs, see Early Care and Education Consortium’s article, High-Quality Community Early Care and EducationPrograms: An Essential Support for the Workforce of Today and Tomorrow.

Brightside Academy understands the need for high-quality early care and education programs in our communities. Our goal is to prepare each child for kindergarten readiness through our programs, and support the families in our communities.  Families who are interested in enrolling their children to Brightside Academy can contact the company at 1-877-868-2273, visit, or stop by a local academy for more information.