Tips on Keeping Your Baby Safe and Warm this Winter

Winter weather is here! Now you need to figure out the best way to keep your baby safe and warm. It can be tricky sometimes figuring out the best combination of warmth, comfort and safety for your baby, but thankfully, we are here to help!

Remember that babies aren’t able to keep their bodies warm like older kids and adults. This also means that they are also not able to cool down as quickly too. Dressing your baby in layers is the best way to maintain the right balance especially when going from the outside to a warm building. 

Keeping Your Baby Warm While at Home

The recommended guideline is to dress your baby in one more layer than you have on to keep them warm enough. For example, if you have on long sleeves, your baby may need an additional top, sweater or blanket to be warm.

When your baby is in their crib, experts strongly recommend that you do not use any blankets until your child is more than 12 months old. It’s best to use fleece footed sleepers or a sleep sac to keep babies warm.

Keeping Your Baby Warm When Going Outside

When it is cold out, you should really limit your baby’s time outdoors. Remember to always keep your baby’s head covered when venturing outside on cold days. Make sure the hat covers their ears as well. You should also have your baby wear mittens and thick socks, shoes or booties.

If you are carrying your baby in a sling or body pack, your body heat will keep them warm, and they won’t need as many extra layers. They will still need to wear a hat.

Making Sure Your Baby is Warm and Safe in the Car

You want your baby to be warm enough in the car, but you also have to remember car seat safety guidelines when dressing your baby. Car seat straps will not fit safely with coats, snowsuits or bunting underneath. Add the extra layers of warmth after you take your baby out of the car seat.

After you strap your baby into their car seat, you can tuck a blanket around your baby if needed.

Car seat covers are great to use when traveling between to and from your car. They also make covers for strollers when you are on the go.

Be sure to regularly check on your baby to make sure they are at a comfortable temperature. To make sure that they are comfortable, you can check their fingers, toes and ears, which should be slightly cool. If your baby’s fingers look white, that can be a sign of frostnip, and you need to warm them up right away. If your baby is red, flushed, or is sweating, they are too warm and you should remove some layers and let them cool down.

Keeping your diaper bag and car stocked with extra gear for temperature changes and regularly checking on your baby will keep them safe and warm this winter.  


By Lauren Morelli
Director, Marketing and Communications