Tips to Help Overcome Bed Wetting

Bedwetting can be frustrating for everyone involved. Parents and guardians struggle to find a solution to help their child while having to deal with soiled clothes, sheets and mattresses, and sometimes even teasing siblings. Your child can also experience shame if the situation isn’t dealt with compassionately and objectively. Fortunately, there are some Dos and Don’ts that can help you and your child overcome this issue.


1.) Approach the situation empathetically. Understanding that this is embarrassing for your child will help you when talking about it. Referring to it as an “accident” can help them understand that it’s not always their fault. Assure them that many others experience the same thing, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

2.) Be patient. Correcting this behavior can take a long time. Remembering to keep cool in times of distress is so important. Each time it happens, though it’s frustrating, try to remain calm.

3.) Reduce drink intake before bed. Cut your child off from water one hour before bed, and encourage them to go to the bathroom right before they lay down. For extra protection, you can set an alarm halfway through the night so that they can get up and go again.

4.) Make clean up easy: Applying Waterproof sheet liners can make sure that your child’s mattress is safe. This greatly reduces clean-up time and staining. 5.) Encourage accountability. Rather than yelling, encourage your child to help with cleanup. This holds them accountable in a way, without making them feel self-conscious about their mistake.


1.) Get visibly upset. Being overactive in a situation of confusion for your child can greatly hurt their self-esteem.

2.) Allow siblings to tease. Talk with them about being a supportive friend for their brother or sister instead. Also, refrain from comparing your child’s issue with other siblings that don’t.

3.) Ignore the problem. If bedwetting doesn’t seem to have a resolution in sight, don’t chalk it up to a bad habit. Sometimes there are underlying conditions that can cause the problem. If bedwetting continues, see a pediatrician to make sure it’s not a health problem.

So many children experience this little roadblock. If you remember to be patient and supportive in this situation, you’ll both come out on the other side feeling accomplished. Soon you’ll both be able to sleep soundly knowing there are no accidents to clean up in the morning.