Why Kids NEED Summer Camp Programs

Summer camp programs are not all just for fun. They are essential in helping children continue to develop key skills and concepts they’ve been working on throughout the school year. Your child’s development is not on hold just because school is not in session!

However, accessibility to summer programs can be tough for low-income and working families. According to a survey conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2015 of working households, 70% were single moms, 82% were single dads, and over 60% of households had both working parents. With childcare costs on the rise – averaging at about 10% of a family’s yearly income– the price for a quality learning program over the summer can become more of a luxury, not a necessity. 

This is where organizations that combine child care and a learning curriculum can make the difference – especially with offerings such as Child Care Information Services (CCIS) available to assist with the cost of summer enrollment.

A study conducted by Oxford Learning Solutions found that the effects of summer learning programs endure for at least two years after participation.

”We need to provide children with strategically planned, structured summer experiences, and that’s especially true for those who don’t have access to enriching, home-based learning,” Karl Alexander, the John Dewey Professor of Sociology at John Hopkins University.

Each year the BSA summer camp program is revamped to improve upon the previous year successes in curriculum,  activities, and field trips with the goal of providing an engaging summer experience not only for students but also for teachers and parents. 

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In a parent survey following Brightside Academy’s Summer Camp, 75% of parents were completely satisfied with the curriculum and learning activities and would consider enrolling their child in future summer camp programs. Of the 95 child participants across 7 academies in 2015, 81.1% said they had fun at summer camp while 63.2% felt they learned a lot during their time at camp. Some recurring comments included, “it was big and fun,” and “I love this camp,” while teachers from our summer camp program said they “loved the teaching experience.”

Fun, educational summer camps are a necessity, not a luxury. When weighing options for whether or not to enroll their children in summer camp, low- and mid-income families are challenged by the cost. Child care subsidies exist to help families cover the cost to combat the “summer slide” allowing for an exciting, and educational, experience for children from all families and socio-economic backgrounds.

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