Looking forward to meeting you!

Thank you for scheduling your academy tour. Our staff looks forward to meeting your family. 

Brightside Academy early childhood experiences directly impact the success of children in school and beyond. Our educational programs include a creative early childhood curriculum in which your child receives individual development in the areas of reading, math, communication and exploration. 

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Why Choose Brightside Academy?

At Brightside Academy we start with a higher purpose in our communities: To provide all families access to an early educational experience that prepares their children to be lifelong learners in an ever-changing world. Watch a video of our summer camp program!

DID YOU KNOW? A child’s brain will be 95% of its adult size by six years of age. Children need lots of new, positive experiences in a safe, nurturing and stable environment to build healthy brains. 


Our goal is to create safe, nurturing, convenient environments that are conducive to child development and learning. Elements make of the Brightside Academy nurturing environment include: Safety, Age Appropriate Classroom Layout, Purposeful Play, Nutritious Meals, Family Partnerships, and Accommodating Hours of Operation.

rt-girllSteps to Success Curriculum

Our curriculum is developed in the science of child brain development. It is a program designed for kindergarten readiness and beyond to ensure academic success: 



Qualified and Professional Teachers

Academy managers and teaching staff meet or exceed the state’s requirements for child care employees. Our locations hold monthly staff development days with topics including: kindergarten readiness, curriculum planning, individual child objectives, etc.

Nutritious Daily Meals and Snacks

Our dedicated food services managers continually make improvements to our already top-quality menu. Following First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiatives against childhood obesity, seasonal fruits, leafy green salads and frozen vegetables are served with meals. Children also enjoy rolls and pizza bread made with whole grains.